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There are no words to express the joy and pure emotion you experience during the birth of your child. - whether it's your first or your last. It's an experience that can and should be professionally captured. With so much going on, a photographer present not only ensures that every detail is captured, but that the birth is beautifully and creatively documented as well. Your birth story will be a gift that's cherished for a lifetime and passed down as an heirloom. A photographic story where each image brings back a memory, a feeling, a thought, a tear. A video of your birth story is also included in your package like the one you see below.


Birth Stories can be purchased separately or included in a Custom Newborn Collection. Capture multiple aspects of your little one's arrival by adding on a Maternity and/or Newborn Session. As a bonus, collections booked with all three (Maternity, Birth & Newborn) also include 50 professionally designed Birth Announcements so you can further celebrate with family and friends!

The Birth of Benjamin ~ 04/18/19
The Birth of Remington ~ 04/18/15
The Birth of Foxley  ~  11/24/15
The Birth of Jackson ~ 10/27/17
The Birth of Joseph ~ 06/29/14
The Birth of Declan ~ 05/01/16
The Birth of Elliott ~ 05/04/16
The Birth of Carter ~ 06/29/14

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