maternity + newborn

There's something so amazing about creating new life. Feeling your miracle kick, roll, hiccup, and dance. Hearing its heartbeat on the monitor. Seeing them on the ultrasound. Then to finally get to hold them in your arms and breathe them in. To admire their perfect little features that are only so little for so long. Moments and details you'll want to remember forever.

Sessions can be documented in either a traditional or lifestyle fashion. I work very closely with you to plan your sessions to perfectly reflect who you are and what this time in your life means to you and your family. Sessions can be booked individually or you can choose to book a collection with multiple sessions. Collections not only save you money, but they also enrich your experience as you welcome your little one into this world.

A grand adventure is about to begin...

Your first breath took ours away...

Clinton, Maine

(207) 314-9177

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