the studio

Take a peek inside the studio where all the magic happens! It's a separate building located on my property which is surrounded by my 6-acre lodgepole pine tree farm. In fact, that's the easiest way to find the studio, just look for the tree farm sign! When I'm not shooting in your home for lifestyle sessions, at the hospital for Births and Fresh 48 sessions or traveling the state for on-location sessions, this is where you'll find me. While it is mainly used for newborn sessions (hence, all of the props and backdrops), I can shoot any session in here. Having a studio that can easily accommodate a newborn or a larger family certainly helps during the winter months when it's a bit cold to shoot outside. I even have a jar of organic lollipops to bribe the kiddos when needed :)

Clinton, Maine

(207) 314-9177

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